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    London 1918, the Armistice and Gallantry research

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    London & World War One gallantry and casualties

    London University - Officers Training Corps - D.

    London University - Officers Training Corps  index

    This Roll of War Service records the names and other particulars of officers and former officers and former cadets of the University of London Officers Training Corps who rendered commissioned service in the War between the dates 5th August 1914 and 11th November 1918 (Armistice).

    Former Cadets - D:

    Daborn, Capt. Cyril William, R.G.A ? F. November 15 to November 18 (invalid) : M.C.
    Da Costa, Capt. Moses Richard, W. Rid. R. & Spec. Lists : King's College ? F. 16 (wounded) ; Italy 17 to 19 : mentioned in despatches.
    Dade, Lt. (A/Capt.) Harry Arthur, R.F.A. : Royal College of Science ? F. September 15 ; Egypt December 15 to March 16 ; F. March to July 16 (wounded and invalid).
    Dakin, Capt. John Evelyn Harrison, R.A.F. : City & Guilds College ? mentioned in Air Ministry Reports.
    Dakin Smith, see Smith, W. H. D.
    Dale, Lt. Dermot Dominic Randal, Essex R. : St. Bart's Hospital ? Gallipoli July to August 15 (wounded and invalid).
    Dale, Lt. James Ritchie, R.E.
    Dale, Capt. William, R.A.M.C: King's College & St. George's Hospital* F. August 15 to January 16 and March to April 16 ; Egypt January to March i6 ; F. March 18 to February 19.
    Dale-Richards, Surg. Hedley Norman, R.N. : University College Hospital, St. Mary's Hospital & Birkbeck College ? H.M.S. sloop Cowslip Mediterranean November 17 to April 18.
    Dall, Lt. David Macdonald, R.E.
    Dallas, Capt. Charles Leonard, R. Fus. ? F. March 16 to November 18 : mentioned in despatches (twice).
    Dallimore, Capt. Arthur Gordon, R.A.O.C. & Staff. ? F. September 16 to May 18 ; India May 18 to April 19.
    Dalton, Lt. John Charles Neale, E. Kent. R. ? F. January 17 to April 18 (wounded).
    Dalziel, Lt. Seymour Wilfred Colman, R.G.A. ? Italy May 18 to January 19.
    Danbury, Lt. John Henry Michael Checkland, R.H.A. : R. School of Mines ? F. June to November 16 (invalid).
    Danby, Surg. Lt. Alfred Benthin, R.N. : Guy's Hospital
    Dandridge, Lt. William Leslie, R.A.M.C. : B.A., Camb. ; St. Bart's Hospital ? Italy i6 ; F. i8.
    Daniel, Capt. Emil McCarthy, R.F.A. : City & Guilds College ? wounded and invalid
    Daniel, Lt. Herbert John, S. Wales Bord. : Royal College of Science ? F. : mentioned in despatches.
    Daniels, 2nd Lt. Ivor Charles, R.E. ? invalid
    Daniels, Lt. Richard George, R.E. : B.Sc, Royal College of Science* F. August 15 to January 18 and August 18 to February 19.
    Danks, Lt. Charles Lovitt, R.G.A. ? F. April to October 17 ; invalid
    Dansie, Lt. Charles Brandon, Middlesex R. & Glouc. R. : King's College ? F. July to October 16 (invalid) ; Mesopotamia June 17 to April i8.
    Darbishire, Capt. James Thurstan Dukinfield, Bedf. & Herts. R. : King's College*F. 15 (wounded); Gallipoli, Egypt and Mesopotamia October 15 to January 19 : mentioned in despatches.
    Darby, 2nd Lt. Alfred James, R.E. ? F. April to November 18.
    Dargan, Capt. Patrick Arthur, R.A.M.C. : King's College
    Darnbrough, Fig. Offr. Albert Harold, R.A.F. ? F. March 17 to May 18 and September 18 to March 19.
    Darney, Capt. Robert Alec, M.G. Corps : King's College ? F. 16 to September 17 ; wounded and invalid
    Darrington, Lt. Stanley, Norfolk R. : Goldsmiths' College* F. May to October 16 (wounded and invalid) : M.C.
    Darroch, Lt.JohnMathie, Liverpool R. : University College ? F.April 18 to April 19.
    Dartnall, Lt. James Ambrose, R.E. : City of London College* F. June 17 to October 18 ; wounded December 17 ; gassed and invalid October 18.
    Darton, 2nd Lt. Edward John, R.E.: City & Guilds College ? home service
    Darvell, 2nd Lt. Frederick William, Bord. R. : King's College ? M.C.
    Date, Lt. William Adlington, Devon R. & M.G. Corps : St. Mary's Hospital
    Daughtry, Lt. (A/Capt.) Ivan, R.E. ? Gallipoli, Egypt, Palestine and Syria October 15 to December 17 and January to December 18 : mentioned in despatches.
    Daunt, Capt. Francis Eldon, R.A.M.C. : M.B., B.S., St. Thomas's Hospital
    Davenport, Lt. Cyril Gilbert, R.F.A. : B.Sc, Royal College of Science * F. June 17 to February 19.
    Davenport, Capt. Edmund John Cowell, R.E.: City & Guilds College* home service
    Davenport, Capt. Geoffrey Cowell, E. Surr. R. : Royal College of Science ? M.C.
    Davenport, Capt. Robert Cecil, R.A.M.C. : M.B., B.S., St. Bart's Hospital
    David, 2nd Lt. Cedric Kenyon, R.A.F. : University College* F. August 18 (prisoner of War).
    Davidson, Lt. Archibald George, R.F.A. * F. July 16 to June 18 (invalid).
    Davidson, 2nd Lt. John, R.F.A. * Mesopotamia August 18 to March 19.
    Davidson, Capt. Leslie Fullerton, S. Lan. R. * F. September to October 15; Salonika November 15 to February 19 : M.C. ; Croix de Guerre (French).
    Davidson, Lt. Percy Tyson, R.F.A. : Middlesex Hospital * F. November 17 ; Italy.
    Davidson, 2nd Lt. William, R.F.C. * F. 17.
    Davies, Surg. Lt. Albert Victor Spurgeon, R.N. : St. Mary's Hospital * N. Atlantic and E. Mediterranean 17 and 18 ; Grand Fleet 18 and 19.
    Davies, Capt. Albert William Abell, R.A.M.C. : Guy's Hospital ? wounded and invalid
    Davies, 2nd Lt. Cecil Lloyd, Middlesex R. attd. R. Berks. R. : King's College ? F. July to November 1 6.
    Davies, Maj. Evan, R.W. Fus. ? F. May 16 to July 17 : mentioned in despatches.
    Davies, Lt. George Rhys, S. Staff. R. : East London College ? Mesopotamia and Baku.
    Davies, Lt. George Vincent, R.A.ALC. : St. Mary's Hospital* India June to September 17.
    Davies, 2nd Lt. Harry Noel, E. Lan. R.
    Davies, Surg. Hector Wynne, R.N. : M.B., B.S., University College ? invalid
    Davies, Lt. Hugh Henry Trussler, Cam'n Highlanders ? prisoner of War September 18.
    Davies, Capt. John Llewellyn, R.A.M.C. : B.A., Camb. ; St. Bart's Hospital* F. May 16; Italy November 17 to March 18; F. March 18 to March 19 : mentioned in despatches.
    Davies, Capt. John Rhys, R.A.M.C. : Middlesex Hospital ? Salonika and Black Sea July 15 to May 19 : mentioned in despatches.
    Davies, Capt. John Thomas, R.E. : B.Sc, University College * F. as private February 15 to March 16 ; as officer March 16 to January 20.
    Davies, Maj. John Wharton Lloyd, R.E. : City & Guilds College* F. January 16 to June 18 (invalid) ; S. Russia : D.S.O. ; M.C. ; mentioned in despatches (twice).
    Davies, Surg. Sub.-Lt. Kenneth James Herbert, R.N.V.R. : Guy's Hospital
    Davies, Lt. Ralph Leslie, Welch R. ? invalid
    Davies, Lt. Ralph Thomas, New Armies : R. School of Mines. * invalid
    Davies, Lt. Reginald Thomas, Middlesex R. & Staff.
    Davies, Lt. Richard Wyrme, M.G. Corps.* invalid
    Davies, Capt. Sidney Richard Eccles, R.A.F. : St. Bart's Hospital
    Davies, Lt. Theodore Llewellyn, D. Gds. * invalid
    Davies, Capt. Thomas, R.A.M.C. : B.Sc, King's College & University College Hospital
    Davies, Capt. Thomas Morris, R.A.F. : St. Mary's Hospital
    Davies, Capt. Thomas Reginald, R.A.M.C. : M.B., B.S., St. Mary's Hospital * India.
    Davies, 2nd Lt. Trevor, R.E. : B.Sc, University College
    Davies, Lt. Vernon Winkworth, M.G. Corps : University College* F. September 15 to May 16 and April 18 to March 19.
    Davies, 2nd Lt. Wilfrid Archibald, Lan. Fus. * F. June to October 17 ; invalid
    Davies, 2nd Lt. William, London Regiment : King's College & Goldsmiths' College* F. June to December 16 ; Salonika December 16 to March 17 (invalid).
    Davies, Capt. William Norman, R.W. Fus. ? F. ; wounded November 16 and invalid
    Davis, Capt. Allan Thomas, I.A. : King's College* F. March to May 16 (wounded) and June 16 to April 17 (invalid) ; India September 18 to December 19.
    Davis, Lt. Bernard Eustace Cuthbert, R.A.F. : M.A., King's College
    Davis, Capt. Eric Bernard Finder, R.A.F. : University College
    Davis, 2nd Lt. Eric Noel, R.E. : University College
    Davis, Lt. George Wilfrid, R.G.A. : B. Sc, City & Guilds College * F. November 17 to January 19.
    Davis. Lt. Godfrey, R.A.F. : University College
    Davis, Capt. Ivor Henry, New Armies & Staff ? Mediterranean E.F. : M.C. ; mentioned in despatches.
    Davis, Lt. John Albert, Spec. Lists ? F. January to May 16 ; invalid
    Davis, Capt. Leigh Jacob, London Regiment ? F. March to April 15 (invalid) and June 15 to September 16.
    Davis, Lt. Percival William, R.E. : Northampton Polytechnic ? M.C. with bar.
    Davis, Surg. Lt. Peter Gerald Stevenson, R.N. : St. Thomas's Hospital ? H.M.SS. Cheerful and Acheron, Destroyer Flotillas ; H.M.SS. Leda, Skipjack, and Circe, Minesweeping.
    Davis, Capt. Thomas Frederick, R.A.F. : King's College & Battersea Polytechnic ? F. June 16 to May 17 ; wounded October 16 ; invalid May 17.
    Davison, 2nd Lt. Rutherford Willoughby, London Regiment : Birkbeck College ? F. to October 16.
    Davison, Lt. William, R.E. : B.Sc, King's College
    D'Avray, Capt. Alexander Decimus, R.A.M.C. : University College
    Davson, Lt. Alan Warburton, R.E. ? Egyptian E.F.
    Davson, Lt. (A/Capt.) George Charles Wolseley, R.E.
    Davy, Capt. Algernon Alfred Spearing, Dorset. R. : B.Sc, East London College
    Dawes, Lt. Albert Cecil, R.G.A. : B.A., LL.B., University College
    Dawes, Lt. Albert Edward, R.F.A.
    Dawes, Lt. Leslie Eraser Spearman, R.E. : City & Guilds College^ India.
    Dawes, 2nd Lt. Roy Samuel, London Regiment : S.W. Polytechnic ? F. October 15 to September 16.
    Dawson, Maj. Alec John, New Armies. ? F. November 15 to March 16 (gassed) : M.B.E. ; mentioned in W.O. Communique & Air Ministry Reports ; Croix de Guerre (French).
    Dawson, Capt. Ernest Archibald, Gen. List (Dental Surgeon) : Guy's Hospital
    Dawson, Capt. Frederick Graham Leslie, R.A.M.C. : M.B., London Hospital ? Serbia : Samaritan Cross (Serbian).
    Dawson, Capt. (T/Maj.) John Kenneth Bousfield, A. CycHst Corps & Staff: B.A., Oxf . ? F. March 17 to April 19: O.B.E. ; mentioned in despatches.
    Dawson, 2nd Lt. John Stewart, D. of Corn. L.L : Northampton Polytechnic
    Day, Lt. Frank, R.G.A. : University College
    Day, Lt. Frederick Walter, R.A.F. : Guy's Hospital* F. November 15 to December 16 ; invalid June 17.
    Day, Capt. George, R.A.M.C. : St. Bart's Hospital ? Mesopotamia April 17 to October 18 ; Salonika November to December 18 ; Batoum January 19 ; Baku April 19.
    Day, 2nd Lt. Horace Frederick, N. Staff. R. ? F. June to September 16.
    Day, Capt. Leonard Alfred, Yorks. L.L ? F. ; wounded September 15; F. May 17 to February 19,
    Day, Lt. Percy Wilfrid, Hampshire R. : M. A., King's College ? F. 18 to 19.
    Deacon, Surg. Lt. Edwin Frank, R.N. : Guy's Hospital ? Mediterranean February 18 to August 19.
    Deacon, Capt. Wilfred Leslie, London Regiment & Lab. Corps : B.A., King's College* F. June to September 16 (invalid).
    Deacon, Lt. William Warren, R. Lane. R. : City & Guilds College* F. as private November 14 to March 16 ; as officer October 16 to April 17 (wounded and invalid) & April to August 18 : M.C.
    Deakin, Capt. Howard Vipond, R.A.M.C. : M.B., University College Hospital
    Dean, Lt. George Thomas, R.F.A.
    Dean, Lt. Herbert Robert Stanley, Bedford & Herts. R.
    Dean, Lt. John Wycombe, R.F.A. ? M.C.
    Dean, Capt. Ronald Eric, R.A.F. : Royal Veterinary College ? A.F.C.
    Dean, Lt. William Horace, R.F.A.
    Deane, Capt. Charles Conrad, R.E. : King's College
    Deane. Maj. Colin Hermann, R.A.O.C.* F. November 15 to November i8 ; Italy November 18 to July 19 : M.C. ; mentioned in despatches.
    Deane, Capt. William, RA.F. : R. Coll, of Science ? Egypt January to June 17 ; F. July 17 to March 18 (wounded) : M.C.
    Dearing, Capt. (A/Maj.) Sidney Arthur, R.E. ? Mesopotamia : M.B.E. ; mentioned in despatches (twice).
    Dearing, 2nd Lt. Stanley Bertram, London Regiment ? F. January to March 17 (wounded and invalid).
    Debenham, Lt. Herbert, E. Lan. R. : Lond. School of Economics ? Gallipoli July to August 15 : mentioned in despatches.
    De Cordova, Capt. Michael Ralph, R.A.S.C. : King's College* F. January 15 to January 19.
    Deeks, Lt. Geoffrey, London Regiment & M.G. Corps : Guy's Hospital ? Macedonia July to December 16 (invalid) ; F. July 17 to June 18 (gassed).
    De Hailes, Capt. James Phayre, R.A.S.C. : King's College* F. January 15 to April 19 : mentioned in despatches.
    Delamain, Fig. Offr. Eric Charles, R.A.F. ? F. Nov, 16 to January 18 ; India May to September 19 : M.C.
    Delamain, Lt. John Herbert, LA.
    Deller, 2nd Lt. Harold James, R.F,A, : King's College & Hospital ? F. March to July 17.
    Delmege, Capt. James Anthony, R.A.M.C. : Guy's Hospital ? Egypt; Salonika April 17 to March 19 : O.B.E,
    De Morgan, Capt, Harold Aylmer. R,A,M.C, : M.B„ B,S., Middlesex Hosp,
    Dence, Lt. Alexander Frank, Glouc. R. : London Hospital ? F. January to May 17 (invalid) and March 18 to March 19.
    Dennis, Lt, Alfred Warner, Worc, R. : King's College,
    Dennis, Lt, William Langford, R,F.A. : Birkbeck College & St. Mark's College Chelsea ? F. March to July 16 (wounded).
    Dennison, Lt. John Beck, R.F.A. : R. School of Mines.
    Denny, Lt. Brian Leo Wilfrid, R. Fus.* F. April to June 17 (wounded).
    Denny, Lt. Jonathan Lionel Percy, E. Surr. R. ? F. March to August 16 ; wounded twice ; F. April to August 18 (wounded) : M.C.
    Dent, Lt. Basil William, R.G.A. ? Salonika April 17 to November 18.
    Dent, Lt. Harold Alfred, R.G.A. ? F. August 15 to February 16 ; invalid
    Denty, Capt. Frederic Leonard, Spec. Lists (Dental Surgeon) : Charing Cross Hospital
    Derrick, Lt. Albert Byrne, E. Surr. R. : B.A., University College ? India October 14 to January 15 ; F. May to July 16 (wounded and invalid).
    De Salis, Lt. Jerome Joseph Fane, Middlesex R. : Northampton Polytechnic ? Gibraltar September 14 ; F. February to September 15.
    De Saxe, 2nd Lt. Morris, R.E. ? home service
    Desborough, Lt. Frederick Rathbone, R.E. : King's College* F. March 18 to March 19.
    De Segundo, 2nd Lt. Ronald Charles Edward Stewart, Liverpool R.: University College ^F. to February 17.
    De Smidt, Capt. Frank Philip Gilbert, S. Afr. M.C. : London Hospital ? invalid
    Desmond, 2nd Lt. Sidney Maurice, R.A.F. : Battersea Polytechnic, University College & London Day Training College ? F. August to September 18.
    De Souza, Lt. Stephen Oswald, R.W. Fus. & K.O. Scots Bord. : King's College
    Despicht, Lt. Leonard Terry, Bedford R. : University College & London Day Training College, ? F. wounded February 15 and June 16 to February 17 : M.C. ; mentioned in despatches.
    D'Este, Lt. Hubert Adrian Middleton, LA. : Goldsmiths' College,
    Deverall, Capt, Edmund Percy, Spec. Lists (Dental Surgeon) : Guy's Hospital
    Dewhirst, Lt. Ralph Henry, R.F.A. ? F. July 16 to January 19.
    De Wolff, Lt.-Col. Charles Esmond, R.A.O.C, & Staff : LL,B„ Birkbeck Coll,* Dardanelles 15; Macedonia 16 to 19; S. Russia 19: C.B.E. ; mentioned in despatches (four times) ; Order of St. Vladimir (Russian).
    Diamant, Lt, Albert Marc, R,F,A. : R. School of Mines * F. (22 mos.) ; wounded twice.
    Dicker, Capt. Arthur Seymour Hamilton, R. Suss. R, : University College ? F. Jan, 15 to Aug, 16 ; wounded twice and invalid : M.B.E. ; mentioned in despatches and W.O. Communique.
    Dickinson, Capt. Charles O'Brien, R.G.A. & Fig. Offr., R.A.F. : B.Sc, King's College * Palestine & Egypt December 15 to October 19 ; wounded June 17: M.C.
    Dickinson, Capt. William Appleby, R.A.V.C. : Royal Veterinary College * F. February 17 to June 19 : mentioned in despatches.
    Dickinson, Capt. William Robinson, R.A.M.C. : St. Bart's Hospital
    Dickson [formerly Scholer], Capt. John Michael, R.A.O.C. : B. Sc, Birkbeck College * Mesopotamia March 16 to June 18.
    Dillon, Lt. Bernard Thomas Bryant, Spec. Lists : City & Guilds College
    Dilnutt, Lt. (A/Capt.) Edwin John, Bedf. & Herts. R. * F. (17 mos.) ; prisoner of War : mentioned in despatches.
    Dilnutt, Capt. Eric William, R. Fus. ? F. to March 16.
    Dines, Lt. Henry George, R.E. : R. School of Mines * Egypt and Gallipoli March to December 15 ; wounded May 15 ; F. May 16 to Nov, 18,
    Dingley, Capt, Allen Roy, R.A.M.C. : St. Bart's Hospital
    Dingley, Lt. John Ralph, R.A.M.C. : M.B., B.S., University College * H.M.A.T. Aberdonian Sept, 18 to Jan, 19 (invalid),
    Dingley, Maj. (A/Lt.-Col.) Lionel Alfred, R.A.M.C. : M.D., B.S., University College & Hospital ? F. : Croix de Guerre (Belgian).
    Dingley, Lt. Walter Leslie, Ches. R. (Fit. Lt. R.A.F.) ? F. June 16 to December 17.
    Dinwiddie, Capt. Donald McKenzie, R.A.F. : B.Sc, City & Guilds College
    Dittmar, Lt. Clifford, R.E. : City & Guilds College ? F. November 17 to January 19.
    Dixie, Lt. Charles Howard, R.A.F. * F. 17.
    Dixon, Lt. Charles Howard, R.F.A. : University College ? F. March 15 to October 16 : mentioned in despatches.
    Dixon, Lt. Ernest Edward Leslie, R.G.A. : B.Sc, Royal College of Science* F. August 16 to January 17 (invalid).
    Dixon, Lt. (A/Capt.) John Bowey, R.E. ? F. Nov, 16 to April 19.
    Dixon, 2nd Lt. John Henry, R.E,
    Dixon, Lt. Lionel Harold, Spec. Lists (Dental Surgeon).
    Dixon, Lt. Thomas Archibald Francis, R.E. : City & Guilds College ? Egyptian E.F. : mentioned in despatches (twice).
    Dixon, Lt. Wentworth Gerrard, R.A.F. (2nd Lt. R.E.).
    Dobbie, 2nd Lt. Robert Shedden, Arg. & Suth'd Highlanders: King's College ? F. 16 to April 17 ; wounded July and August 16.
    Dobell, Capt. Claude Herbert, R.E. : Finsbury Technical College, ?Mesopotamia July 16 to October 18 : mentioned in despatches.
    Dobrashian, 2nd Lt. Arnold Gillett, R.A.F. : University College & King's College ? F. crashed February 18.
    Dobson, Lt. William Potterveld, R. Berks. R.* invalid
    Dodds, Capt. Thomas Ernest, R.E. : B.Sc, City & Guilds College
    Dodson, Lt. Leonard, S. Staff. R. : B.Sc, University College ? F. Aug, 15 to June 16 and September 16 to April 17 (prisoner of War) : M.C.
    Doidge, Maj. Herbert Frederick, R.A.S.C. : University College ? home service : O.B.E. ; mentioned in W.O. Communique.
    Doland, 2nd Lt. Percy Douglas, Notts. & Derby. R, ? F, ; wounded October 16 ; invalid March 17.
    Dolley, Lt. Leslie George Francis, M.G. Corps: B.Sc, University College* F. as private February to May 15 (wounded) ; as officer July to October 17 and May 18 to February 19.
    Dolphin, Rev. Arthur Henry, C/F : King's College ? invalid
    Dolphin, Lt. Charles Benjamin, R.A.F.
    Donaghue, Capt. John James, R.F.A. : B.Sc, University Coll, ? F. November 14 to December 15 (wounded) ; Egyptian E.F, May 17 to Jan, 19,
    Donald, Lt. Maxwell Bruce, R.F.A. : Royal College of Science* F. March 17 to February 19.
    Donaldson, 2nd Lt. Denis Harrison, London Regiment : City & Guilds College ? F. as private March to September it; (commissioned 24 September 15).
    Donaldson, Capt. Eric, R.A.M.C. : M.A., Camb. ; St. Bart's Hospital* Malta September 14 to March 16 ; Salonika June 16 to November 17 ; Italy November 17 to January 19.
    Donaldson, Capt. Malcolm, R.A.M.C. : St. Bart's Hospital*F. August 14 to May 18 (prisoner of War) : mentioned in despatches.
    Done, 2nd Lt. Nevile Savage, R. Fus. ? F. February to March, 17,
    Dore, Lt. Donald Harry, R.F.A. ? F. July to September 17 (invalid) and June to July 18 (wounded and invalid),
    Dore, Lt. Gerald Leo, R.A.F.* F. August to October 17 (wounded).
    Dormor, Lt. Ronald Bertram, R.E. & R.A.F. : City & Guilds College ? F. August to November 16 (wounded and invalid).
    Dorrington, Lt. Harold Roy, R.E. ? Salonika and Black Sea Army, & Macedonia January 18 to September 19,
    Dottridge, Capt, Cecil Alfred, R.A.M.C. : M,A., M.B., B.C., Camb, ; St. Bart's Hosp, ? F. May 16 to February 19.
    Douglas, 2nd Lt. John Ronald, R.E.* S.W. and E. Africa (19 mos.) ; F. (15 mos.).
    Douglas, Lt, (A/Capt.) Raymond Dunckley, R.E.
    Douglas, Lt. William Thomas Lloyd, Tank Corps : London Hospital
    Douty, Capt. Robert Joel Cazalet, R.A.M.C. : Middlesex Hospital
    Down, Surg. Sub.-Lt. Alfred Henry Gerald, R.N.V.R. : University College ? H.M.S. Crocus June 18 to January 19.
    Down, Capt. John Thornton, R.A.S.C. : City & Guilds College ? F. February 15 to March 19 : mentioned in despatches.
    Down, Capt. Robert William, R.A.V.C. : Royal Veterinary College ? F. January to May 19 ; Egypt August 19 to January 20.
    DowNnes, Capt. Eric, Spec. Lists (Lt. R.E.) : B.Sc, City & Guilds College ? F. March 16 to March 18 (gassed and invalid) ; Siberia December 18 to March 19 : M.C.
    Downes, 2nd Lt. Howard Gray, R.E. : Northampton Polytechnic ? F. May 16 to March 17 ; wounded September 16.
    Dowrick, Lt. William John Reid, R. War. R. : East London College ? Egypt and Sinai March to August 15 ; Gallipoli August to November 15 ; Sina1 January to December 16 ; F. July 17 to April 18 (wounded) ; Black Sea September to December 19.
    Dowsing, 2nd Lt. Cedric George, R. W. Kent. R.* invalid
    Doy, Fig. Offr, Dudley Howard, R.A.F. : King's College
    Doyle, Surg. Lt. Austin Roland, R.N. : Guy's Hospital
    Draisey, Capt. Edwin Rowland Watts, Bedford R. : University College ? F. to September 16.
    Draper, Lt. Thomas Bernard, R.E. ? F. September 17 to May 18 (gassed).
    Drew, Lt. Arnold, R.F.A. : Royal Veterinary College
    Drew, Lt. Vincent, D. of Corn. L.L : Guy's Hospital ? Serbia.
    Drewe, Lt. Frank Swinburne, R.A.F. : M.A., Oxf. ; St. Thomas's Hospital
    Drinkill, Lt. Frederick Maurice, R. Fus. ? F. to July 16.
    Driver, Lt. Edgar Thomas, R.A.F. : B.Sc, Northampton Polytechnic* F. January 17 to February 19 : mentioned in despatches.
    Driver, Lt. Harold Samuel, R. Scots R. (Fit. Sub.-Lt. R.N.A.S.) ? F. June to October 18 (wounded and prisoner of War) : M.C.
    Druitt, Lt. Charles Lambert, Sea. Highlanders : City & Guilds College ^F. December 15 to October 16 : mentioned in despatches.
    Drummond, Lt. Bernard Classon, Yorks, L.L: B.Sc, University College ^F. September 16 to March 17 (wounded and invalid).
    Drummond, Capt. Gerald Gordon, R.A.M.C: St. Thomas's Hosp,* Salonika October 16 to September 18 (invalid) ; India : mentioned in despatches.
    Dryden, Lt. Thomas Archibald, R.E. ? Salonika January 17 to Dec 18.
    Dryden- Smith, see Smith, H.D.D,
    Duckworth, Maj. George Minter, R.A.O.C. & Staff. ? F. December 14 to March 19.
    Duckworth, Maj. Harold Victor, R.A.O.C. : B.Sc, Birkbeck College & London School of Economics ? Dardanelles October 15 to February 16 ; Egypt and Cyprus February 16 to March 19.
    Duffield, Lt. Cecil William, R.A.F. : Goldsmiths' College
    Duke, 2nd Lt. William George Edward, S, Staff. R. : B.Sc, East London College
    Dummere, Capt. Alfred Beresford, R.A.M.C. : London Hospital* F. January 17 to June 19.
    Duncan, Surg. Sub.-Lt. Archibald Glen, R.N.V.R. : London Hospital ? H.M.S. Knight Templar, Atlantic Convoy Escort August 17 to April 18.
    Duncan, Capt. David, R.E.
    Dunkley, 2nd Lt. Alexander, Wore. R. : B.Sc, University College & London Day Training College ? Egypt and Mesopotamia Jan, to April 16.
    Dunn, Lt. Edward Oliver, R.E. : City & Guilds College* F. (15 mos.) ; gassed and invalid
    Dunn, Surg. Lt. Spencer Graeme, R.N. : St. Bart's Hospital
    Dunstan, Lt. Eric James, D. of Corn. L.I. : Battersea Polytechnic
    Dunstan, 2nd Lt. Hedley, York & Lane. R. attd. R.F.C. : King's College ? F. 16 (wounded and invalid) July 16 ; February to May 17 and August 17.
    Durham, Lt. John Charles, Suff. R. ? F. March to July 16 (wounded).
    Durling, Capt. Edmund, York. & Lane. R, : B.A., University College ? F. July to September 15 (invalid) ; February to April 16 (wounded) ; October 16 to July 17 (wounded) and September 18 to April 19.
    Du Ronzet, Capt. Armand Theodore de la Roche, R.E. & Staff. ?
    Durran, Lt. (A/Capt.) James Carhll Rowley, R.F.A.* F. December 17 to April 18 (gassed and invalid) and June 18 to March 19.
    Duske, Capt. Herbert James, R.A.M.C. : St. Mary's Hospital
    Duthy, Lt. Humphrey William Gilbert, R.F.A. : R. School of Mines. ? F. : mentioned in despatches.
    Duthy, Capt. (A/Maj.) Reginald Edward Athelstan, R.F.A. : R. School of Mines* M.C.
    Dutton, Surg. Lt. Francis Bridger, R.N. : M.A., M.B., B.Ch., Oxf. ; St. Thomas's Hospital
    Dwyer, Capt. Maurice, R.A.M.C. : St. Thomas's Hospital ? Mesopotamia : M.C.
    Dyer, Capt. Douglas Alexander, R.A.M.C. : Middlesex Hospital
    Dyer, Fig. Offr. Edward John Reginald, R.A.F. ? F. December 16 to May 17 (invalid).
    Dyer, Capt. Francis Norman Victor, R.A.F, : M.A., Camb. ; St. Thomas's Hospital* H.M.SS. Buttercup and Birkenhead with Grand Fleet.
    Dyer, Lt. Herbert John, R.E. : Northampton Polytechnic
    Dyer, 2nd Lt. Ralph Gibb, R.E. : City & Guilds College * F. January 16 (wounded and invalid) and September 16 to February 17.
    Dymond, Capt. Horace Frederick Edward, R.A.S.C. : King's College * F. July 15 to March 19.
    Dyson, Capt. James Daniel, R.A.M.C. : M.B., B.S., Middlesex Hospital