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    London 1918, the Armistice and Gallantry research

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    London & World War One gallantry and casualties

    London University - Officers Training Corps - I.

    London University - Officers Training Corps  index

    This Roll of War Service records the names and other particulars of officers and former officers and former cadets of the University of London Officers Training Corps who rendered commissioned service in the War between the dates 5th August 1914 and 11th November 1918 (Armistice).

    Former Cadets - I:

    Illingworth, Lt. Stewart Roy, RA.O.C. : B.Sc, Royal College of Science ? invalid
    Inge, Lt. Godfrey Herbert, R.F.A. : B.Sc, University College ? F. February to June 18 (wounded).
    Inglis, Lt.-Col. Richard, K.R. Rifle C. (Maj. R,A.F.) : B.Sc, Goldsmiths' College* F. : D.S.O. ; mentioned in despatches (thrice).
    Inglis, Lt. Ronald Alexander, R.E. : B.Sc, University College* F. January 17 to November 18.
    Ingoldby, Capt. Christopher Martin, R.A.M.C: London Hospital * India August 14 to May 16 ; Mesopotamia and N. Persia May 16 to October 19 : mentioned in despatches.
    Ingpen, Lt. Edward Lucian, Northern Rhodesia Police : City & Guilds College ? E. Africa to June 16.
    Ingram, Lt. George, R.E. : S.W. Polytechnic ? India 17.
    Inkpen, Lt. George Thomas, Yorks. L.I. & Staff: B.Sc., University College* F. June 16 to March 19.
    Ireland, Capt. Joseph Knowles, R. Fus. : Royal College of Music.
    Ireland, Lt. Leonard Jack, Middlesex R. & Herts. R.
    Irving, Capt. John Bruce, R.A.M.C. : B.A., Camb. ; St. Bart's Hospital ? Egyptian E.F. October 17 to July 19.
    Isadore- Isaacs, Lt. Horace, Tank Corps.
    Isard, Surg. Lt. Clifford Venning, R.N. (Paymr. Lt. R.N.R.) : St. Thomas's Hospital ? Zeebrugge.
    Israel, 2nd Lt. Denis David Gabriel, R. Fus. ? F. October 18 to March 19.