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    London 1918, the Armistice and Gallantry research

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    London & World War One gallantry and casualties

    London University - Officers Training Corps - J.

    London University - Officers Training Corps  index

    This Roll of War Service records the names and other particulars of officers and former officers and former cadets of the University of London Officers Training Corps who rendered commissioned service in the War between the dates 5th August 1914 and 11th November 1918 (Armistice).

    Former Cadets - J:

    Jack, Captain Ronald Ian, New Armies & Staff.
    Jacks, Capt. Cuthbert Charles Rydon, North 'n. R. ? F. May 15 to September 18. (wounded and invalid) : M.C. with bar ; mentioned in despatches.
    Jackson, 2nd Lt. (T/Lt.) Albert Leslie, Middlesex R. ? F. October 15 to February 16 (wounded).
    Jackson, 2nd Lt. Arthur Frederick, London Regiment : Birkbeck College
    Jackson, Maj. Frank Whitford, R.A.S.C. & Staff : King's College ? F. Oct, 14 to March 19 : D.S.O. ; mentioned in despatches (thrice).
    Jackson, Surg. Henry Beecher, R.N. : M.A., Camb. ; St. Bart's Hospital* invalid
    Jackson, 2nd Lt. Henry Stewart, Yorks. L.I. : London Hospital ? F. with Brit. Red Cross and later as officer June to July 16.
    Jackson, Lt. John, R. Lane. R. : St. Bart's Hospital ? F. May to August 16 (wounded, gassed and invalid).
    Jackson, Lt. John Alfred, R.G.A.* F. May 17 to October 18 (wounded) : M.C.
    Jackson, Capt. Marshall, R.A.M.C. : St. Bart's Hospital,W. Africa September 18 to September 19.
    Jackson, Capt. Thomas Henry, R.A.M.C. : Charing Cross Hospital
    Jackson, Capt. Walter Frederick, R.A.S.C. ? M.C.
    Jacob, 2nd Lt. Henry William James, London Regiment ? F. July to October 17.
    Jacob, Sub.-Lt. Herbert Spencer, R.N.V.R. ? invalid
    Jacobs, Capt. Ben, R. Lane. R. ? wounded twice : M.C.
    Jacobs, 2nd Lt. Mark Robert, R.A.F. : S.W. Polytechnic
    James, Capt. Alfred Herbert, R.A.M.C. : University College Hospital
    James, Lt. (A/Capt.) Duthy George, M.G. Corps : City & Guilds College
    James, Lt. Henry Francis, London Regiment : Battersea Polytechnic* Gallipoli October 15 to January 16 ; invalid July 16 ; F. September 17 to October 18 (wounded).
    James, Lt. Horace Ben Rosenthal, R.E. : City & Guilds College ? Salonika January 17 to January 19.
    James, Lt. John Russell, York. R. & I.A. : University College ? F. July to December 16 ; Palestine January to August 17 ; India August 18 ; S. Persia January to December 19.
    James, Capt. Lionel Beresford, Rif. Brig. : Guy's Hospital ? Egypt 15 to June 17.
    James, Capt. Llewellyn Herbert, Spec. Lists (Lt. R.W. Fus.) : Battersea Polytechnic & Birkbeck College ? F. September 17 to January 19.
    James, Surg. Sub.-Lt. Thomas, R.N.V.R.: St. Bart's Hospital* Dover Patrol January to March 17 (wounded) ; Grand Fleet May to July 17 ; Russian Convoy work July to September 17 ; invalid
    James, Capt. Thomas Glyn, R.A.M.C. : Westminster Hospital ? invalid
    James, Lt. William Peterson, R.A.F. & R.W. Surr. R. ? F. (12 mos.).
    Jamison, Lt. Ernest Henry, Tank Corps : Birkbeck College
    Janson, Lt.-Col. James Theodore, Yorks. L.L : B.Sc, University College* F July 15 to March 19 : D.S.O. with bar ; mentioned in despatches (five times)
    Jaques, Lt. Archibald Valentine, R.G.A. : B.Sc, Northampton Polytechnic
    Jardine, Capt. Edmund Basil, R.A.M.C. : University College* F. : M.C. with bar ; mentioned in despatches.
    Jardine, 2nd Lt. Ivor Kenneth, R.E.
    Jarrett, Lt. Howard Dudley, York. & Lane. R. ? F. April to August 16 (invalid).
    Jarvis, Lt. Arthur Stopford, London Regiment ? F. November 16 to January 17 & August to September 18 : M.C.
    Jaye, and Lt. Harold Conway, W. York. R. ? F. May to July 16.
    Jeary, Capt. George Herbert, Norf, R. : Birkbeck College & Borough Rd. College ? F. July to November 16 (wounded).
    Jelffs, Lt. William Frank, London Regiment & R.A.F.
    Jenkins, Capt. Aneurin Ernest, R.A.M.C. : St. Bart's Hospital
    Jenkins, Lt. David John, M.G. Corps : S.W.Polytechnic ? F. July 16 to August 18.
    Jenkins, Capt. John Powell Jones, R.A.M.C: Westminster Hospital* Mesopotamia September 18 to January 20.
    Jenkins, 2nd Lt. William David, R.F.A. : B.A., Wales ; Middlesex Hospital ? Egyptian E.F. June 16 to September 17 ; invalid
    Jenner, Fit. Offr. John Geoffrey Wilder, R.N.A.S.
    Jenner- Clarke, 2nd Lt. R. {see under " Officers and Former Officers ").
    Jennings, Surg. Henry Cecil, R.N. : M.B., B.S., St. Thomas's Hospital ? invalid November 16.
    Jennings, Lt. Laurence Herbert, E. Surr. R. ? F. as private June to October 15 & March to July 16 and as officer April to August 17 (prisoner of War).
    Jennings, Surg. Sub.-Lt. Leslie Middlemiss, R.N.V.R. : St. Bart's Hospital ? H.M.S. Starfish, Harwich Flotilla, March to October 18.
    Jennings, Lt. Sidney James, E. Surr. R. : B.Sc, University College & London Day Training College ? F. February to March 18.
    Jennings, Lt. Walter Glynmore, Middlesex R. : University College ? Egypt May to to June 17 ; India July 17 to May 19.
    Jephcott, Surg. Sub.-Lt. Alexander, R.N.V.R.: St. Bart's Hospital* H.M.S. Swale, Havre Convoy, June to September 17 ; H.M.S. Primrose, N. Atlantic Convoy, September to December 17 ; H.M.S. Aubrietia, December 17 to April 18 ; H.M.S. Miranda, Dover Patrol, April to September 18 ; H.M.S. Pangloss, Gibraltar, September 18 to January 19.
    Jepson, Capt. Arthur George Leslie, London Regiment ? Malta and F. 14 to September 16 ; wounded August 15 : mentioned in despatches.
    Jepson, Lt. Norman Richard, R. Fus.: Royal College of Science ? Dardanelles September to October 15.
    Jepson, Capt. William Baly, R.A.M.C. : St. Bart's Hospital ? F. July 15 to October 17 (wounded and invalid) : M.C.
    Jerwood, Capt. Bernard Ellery.R. A.M. C. : B.A., Camb. ; Guy's Hospital ? F. before commission October to November 15 ; Mesopotamia as officer February 17 to April 19.
    Jessop, Capt. Herbert Turner, Essex R. : B.Sc, University College ? F. December 16 to November 17 (wounded and prisoner of War) ; invalid
    Jessop, Capt. Philip Everard, N. Lan. R. : Guy's Hospital ? F. February to August 17 (invalid).
    Jinks, Capt. John Clarence, Tank Corps : Birkbeck College & School of Pharmacy ? F. (2 yrs. 3 mos.) ; wounded twice : M.C.
    John, Lt. David Martin, R.A.F, ? F. February to July 16 and May to September 18 (prisoner of War).
    John, Capt. John Robert, R.A.M.C: Charing Cross Hospital ? wounded and invalid
    Johns, Capt. Llewellyn Price, R.A.M.C. : King's Coll,
    Johns, Surg. Samuel Henry Mannings, R.N. : St. Thomas's Hospital ? invalid May 19.
    Johnson, Lt. Alan John Morlais, R.E. : R. School of Mines.* F. June 18 to May 19.
    Johnson, Capt. Edward Eastaugh, Spec. Lists (Dental Surgeon) : Guy's Hospital ? invalid
    Johnson, Lt. Francis William, R.E. : B.Sc, Battersea Polytechnic ? Salonika September 16 to January 19.
    Johnson, Lt. Frederick Arthur, R.F.A.
    Johnson, Maj. Frederick Henry, R.E. : B.Sc, Battersea Polytechnic* F. July to September 15 (wounded and invalid) and January 16 to November 17 : V.C.
    Johnson, Lt. George Henry, R.A.F. : Middlesex Hospital ? F. as dresser October 14 to October 15,
    Johnson, Maj. Harold, N. Lan. R. (Capt. E. Lan. R.).*F. May 15 to March 19 : M.C. ; mentioned in despatches.
    Johnson, 2nd Lt. Harold, Glouc R, : B.Sc. East London College ? F. February to July 16.
    Johnson, Lt. Walter James, London Regiment : Birkbeck College ?invalid
    Johnson, Maj. William, R.A.M.C: M.D.. B.S., Guy's Hospital ? F. 15 to 19 : M.C.
    Johnson, Lt, William, E, Surr, R. : B.Sc, King's College & Battersea Poly ? F. August to November 17 ; Italy November 17 to March 18 ; F. March to April 18 (wounded and invalid).
    Johnson, Surg. Lt. William Trevor, R.N.V.R. : Middlesex Hospital
    Johnston, Lt.-Col. Eric Archibald, R.E. & Staff. ? Siberia July 18 to December 19 (prisoner of War) : C.B.E, ; mentioned in W.O. Communique.
    Johnston, Lt. Robert James, R.E,* Mesopotamia and India,
    Johnston, Surg. Stewart Russell, R,N. : University College
    Johnston, Maj, William George, R,A.M,C. : St. Mary's Hospital ? M.C.
    Johnstone, Lt. John Douglas, R, Lane R. : St, Bart's Hosp, ? F, Mch, to June 16 (wounded and invalid) and September 16 to July 17 ; wounded Nov, 16,
    Johnstone,  Lt, John Pulteney Hope, LA. : City & Guilds Coll, ? Mesopotamia and India Apr, 16 to February 18.
    Jolliffe, Surg. Lt. William Anthony, R.N. : St. Bart's Hospital
    Jolly, Lt. Mervyn Aird, Middlesex R. & T.F. Res. ? F. November 17 ; invalid
    Jones, Lt. Albert Ivor, R.E. ? F. May 16 to May 17 (invalid).
    Jones, Capt. Alfred Kenneth Ince, R.A.M.C. : Middlesex Hospital ? Mesopotamia October 18 to February 19.
    Jones, Capt. Bertram Owen, S. Wales Bord. (Lt. LA.) : University College ? F. July to August 15 (wounded) and August 16 to March 18 (wounded) ; India January 19 to January 20 : mentioned in despatches.
    Jones, Surg. Cyril Oscar Howe, R.N. : St. Thomas's Hospital & Middlesex Hospital* H.M.S. Invincible August 15 to May 16 ; Jutland.
    Jones, Capt. David Joseph Heritage, R.A.M.C. : St. Mary's Hospital
    Jones, Capt. David Morris, R.A.M.C. : London Hospital
    Jones, Lt. Edward Melville Royds, D. of Cornwall L.I. : B.Sc, City & Guilds College ? F. May to September 18 (wounded).
    Jones, Lt. Edward Oswald, R.E. : B.Sc, Royal College of Science & R. School of Mines, ? F. March 16 to May 17 ; wounded July 16.
    Jones, Lt. George Sydney, R.E. : B.Sc, East London College ? F. April to August 17 (gassed and invalid).
    Jones, Capt. Gilbert Sidney, R.F.A. : Middlesex Hospital & Nat. Dent. Hospital ? F. December 15 to November 18 (wounded).
    Jones, Lt. Harry, R.E. : B.Sc, East London College & London Day Training College * F. as corporal 15 to November 16 (gassed and invalid) and February to June 17 and as officer June 17 to June 18 (wounded and inval).
    Jones, Lt. Harry Richard, R.G.A. : King's College & Royal College of Science
    Jones, Lt. (A/Capt.) Herbert Martin Royds, London Regiment : Middlesex Hospital ? F. June 17 to ]\Iay 18 ; gassed.
    Jones, Lt. Horace Naismith, R.FA. : Battersea Polytechnic ? F. February to July 16 (wounded) and May 17 to September 18 (gassed and invalid).
    Jones, Lt. John Penry, RA..F. : East London College
    Jones, 2nd Lt. John Sharpley, R.E. : B.Sc, Royal College of Science ? F. as private (13 mos.).
    Jones, Lt. Kenneth Charles Johnston, Bedf. & Herts. R. : St. Bart's Hospital*M.B.E. ; M.C.
    Jones, 2nd Lt. Mortimer, R.W. Fus. : Goldsmiths' College ? Salonika as corporal. and F. as officer.
    Jones, Surg. Lt. Myrddin Emrys, R.N. : St. Thomas's Hospital*H.M.S. Indomitable May to December 18.
    Jones, Capt. Percy Tudor, R.A.M.C. : University College Hospital
    Jones, Capt. (A/Maj.) Richard Orthin Hilton, R.A.M.C. : Guy's Hospital ? F. wounded September 15 and April 17 ; Egypt and Salonika ; invalid : M.C.
    Jones, Capt. Robert Arthur, Norf. R. : B.A., King's College* F. January 16 to May 18 (gassed) ; Palestine and Egypt September 18 to February 19 : M.C.
    Jones, Lt. (A/Capt.) Robert Edward, London Regiment ? F. 16; Salonika 17; Palestine 17 to 18 ; F. 18 : M.C.
    Jones, Capt. Robert Owen, London Regiment : Middlesex Hospital ? F. May 16 to December 18 ; wounded September 16 : mentioned in despatches.
    Jones, Capt. (A/Maj.) Samuel Walter Maslem, R.A.M.C: M.B., B.S., Middlesex Hospital ? Egypt : mentioned in despatches.
    Jones, 2nd Lt. Sydney Everard, Welch R. : Finsbury Tech. College ? Gallipoli June to August 15.
    Jones, Capt. Thomas Kirkham, R.E. & E. York. R. : R. School of Mines. ? F. Dec, 14 to February 19 incl. Italy (3 mos.) : M.C.
    Jones, Lt. William Owen, M.G. Corps : King's College* F. May to June 16 and January to March 18 (prisoner of War).
    Jones, Capt. William Vestey, Lan. Fus. ? Egypt November 15 to October 16; Salonika October 16 to June 18 ; F. June 18 to March 19.
    Jones, Lt. Wyndham Percy, R.E. : R. School of Mines, ? M.C.
    Joseph, Capt. Michael, M.G, Corps.* F. June 16 to July 17.
    Joseph, Capt. Samuel Gluckstein, R. Ir.Regt. ? F. : mentioned in despatches.
    Jowett, Lt. Eric, R.W. Kent R, : Finsbury Tech. College* F. July 18 to March, 19 ; wounded and gassed August 18.
    Joy, 2nd Lt. Edward Sydney, R, Berks. R. ? F, to Aug, 16.
    Joy, Surg. Sub.-Lt. Henry Charles Victor, R.N.V.R. : London Hospital ? H,M,S, Termagant, Submarine Flotilla Scapa Flow 17 ; Dover Patrol 17 to 18,
    Joyce, Surg, Lt, Henry Cyril Conwy, R,N, : St. Bart's Hospital
    Joyce, 2nd Lt, James, Lan, Fus, : King's College, ? Gallipoli June to August 15.
    Joynt, Capt, Malcolm Cyril, R.A,M,C, : Guy's Hospital, ? Mesopotamia May 17 to June 19,
    Juniper, 2nd Lt. John Harvey, R, Fus, : University College ? F, Apr, 17.