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    London 1918, the Armistice and Gallantry research

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    London & World War One gallantry and casualties

    London University - Officers Training Corps - K.

    London University - Officers Training Corps  index

    This Roll of War Service records the names and other particulars of officers and former officers and former cadets of the University of London Officers Training Corps who rendered commissioned service in the War between the dates 5th August 1914 and 11th November 1918 (Armistice).

    Former Cadets - K:

    Kane, Lt. Michael Harry Kirkpatrick, R.A.F, : M.B., B.S., University College, ? North Sea Oct, 14 to September 15 ; F, Oct, 16 to Feb, 18 and July 18 (prisoner of war): M. C.
    Karn, Lt, Reginald George, Essex R. : University College,* M.C.
    Kaylor, Lt. Edward, R.E.* F. 16 to 18 : M.C.
    Keen, Capt. Bernard Augustus, SufF, R, : B,Sc„ University College* Gallipoli and Palestine.
    Keen, Capt. Ernest Beresford, R.A.M.C. : Charing Cross Hospital,*F. November 14 to March 16.
    Keen (formerly Kuhne), Capt. John Asarja, R.A.M.C. : M.B., B.S., King's College & Charing Cross Hospital
    Keesey, Capt. Edward Walton, R.A.F.
    Kellagher, Lt. George Bannerman, R.E. : East London College
    Kelland, 2nd Lt. Reginald Henry, Middlesex R. ? F, April 15 ; invalid
    Kellett, Lt.-Col, John Philip, London Regiment : King's College ? Malta September 14 to Jan, 15 ; F. January 15 to August 17 (wounded) and January 18 to March, 19 ; wounded August 18: D,S.O, with bar; M.C. ; mentioned in despatches (four times),
    Kellie, 2nd Lt, Leslie Lawrence, R.F.A. ? F, July 16 to Feb, 17,
    Kelly, 2nd Lt, Percy Ewart, Middlesex R. : Borough Rd. College * Gibraltar September 14 to February 15 ; F, March to April 15.
    Kelly, Lt. Vincent Gerald French, London Regiment & Spec. Lists : B.Sc, King's College
    Kemp, Lt. Edward Anthony, R.A.O.C.
    Kempster, Lt, Alec Albert Dresden, R,F.A, : S.W. Polytechnic ? F. to September 15.
    Kempster, Lt. Geoffrey William, Middlesex R. & R.A.F. : S.W. Polytechnic
    Kenchington, Bt.-Maj. Arthur George, E. Kent R. & Tank Corps : B.A., East London College * F. July 15 to July 16 (wounded) and Nov, 16 to October 17 (invalid) and Apr, 18 to March 19 : M.C. ; mentioned in despatches ; Croix de Guerre (French).
    Kendall, Capt. Guy Melville, R.A.M.C. : B.A., M.B., Camb. ; St. Thomas's Hospital ? Mesopotamia April 17 to January 20,
    Kendall, Surg. Sub.-Lt, John, R.N.V.R. : Guy's Hospital
    Kenderdine, Lt. John Henry Brutton, R, Suss, R, ? F. October 17 to January 20.
    Kennedy, 2nd Lt, Alfred Baldry, R,E.
    Kennedy, Capt. Anthony, I.M.S. : B.A., Camb,; Middlesex Hospital*F. September 14 to November 15 ; Mesopotamia November 15 to April 16 ; India Apr, i6 to May 17 (invalid) ; Mesopotamia May 17 to May 18 ; Palestine May 18 to Oct, 19,
    Kennedy, Lt. John Sinclair, R.E. : M.A., B,Sc„ Glasgow,* F. September 17 to May 18 (wounded) ; India September 18 to March 19 : M,C.
    Kenny, Lt, Hugh St, John, S, Wales Bord,
    Kent, Lt, (A/Capt.) Eric William, New Armies.
    Kent-Jones, Lt. Lionel John, London Regiment ? F. as private June to August 16 and as officer Feb, to Dec, 17 (wounded) : M.C.
    Kerridge, 2nd Lt. Oswald Alfred, Durh. L.I. : Goldsmiths' College ? F. to July 16.
    Kidd, Maj. (A/Lt,-Col.) Gerald Patrick, R,A,M,C, : St, Thomas's Hospital ? F. July 15 to March 19 : M.C.
    Kidman, Capt, (A/Maj.) George Edwin, R,A.M,C. : M,B„ B,S., Guy's Hosp, ? Egypt and Salonika,
    Kidner, Capt. Thomas Clatworthy, R.A,M,C. : Middlesex Hospital & R. Dent. Hospital ? F, March 15 to Oct, 16.
    Kielsden, Lt. Frederick Theodore, Lab. Corps: King's College ? F. January 18 to May 19.
    Killings ACK, Lt. Stanley Gordon, R.E. : Northampton Polytechnic ? F. June to Aug, 16.
    Kilner, Maj, Henry Goff, Suff, R. & R.A,M,C. : M.B„ B.S., Middlesex Hospital* Mediterranean E,F. Nov, 15 to February 16 ; Egypt May 16 ; F. August 16 to March 19 : mentioned in despatches ; Croix de Guerre (French).
    Kimber, Capt. William Joseph Teil, R.A.M.C. : St. Thomas's Hospital
    Kimpton, Capt. Charles Henry Dearlove, W. Rid. R. : King's College, ? F. May 16 to April 17 (wounded) and April to October 18 (wounded) : M.C.
    King, Lt, Alexander Trevelyan, R,E.* F. June 17 to Jan, 18 ; wounded twice.
    King, Lt, Arnold Jesse, R.F,A. : B,Sc., King's College
    King, Lt. Dennis Hoare, R.G.A, : E, Lond, College ? F. February 17 to May 18 (wounded and invalid).
    King, Capt. Frederick William, North 'n R. : University College & London Day Training College* F. December 14 to Feb, I5( invalid); Mediterranean E,F. and Egyptian E,F, Aug, 15 to 17 ; Egyptian E,F. Oct, 18 to Jan, 19.
    King, Capt. Gordon Burnham, R,A,M.C. : Univ, Coll, & Hospital*F. : mentioned in despatches.
    King, Lt. James Lawrence, Gen. List : B.Sc, University College* F. November 15 to July 16 ; wounded December 15 ; India April 17 ; Mesopotamia April to Dec, 17 ; Egypt and Palestine January 18 to January 19.
    King, 2nd Lt. Maurice Edmund, Middlesex R. : University College* F. September 15 to March 16.
    King, Lt. Maurice Harry, R.E. : B.Sc.*East Africa as volunteer August 14 to Nov, 16 ; F. as officer March 18 to May 19.
    King,2nd Lt. Percy, E. Surr. R. : Guy's Hospital ? Egypt November 15 to Nov 16 (wounded) ; F. February to August 17.
    King, Capt. Stephen Holmes, R.E. : King's College ? F. August 16 to March 17
    King, Lt. Thomas Charles, M.G. Corps.
    Kingdon, 2nd Lt. Leonard, Wore. R. & R.F.C. : King's College ? F. December 14 to January 15 and to January 16.
    Kingdon, Capt. VViUiam Edward, R.A.M.C. : M.B., B.S., University College Hospital ? F. March 17 to December 18.
    Kingham, Lt. John Thomas Gordon, Rifle Brigade.
    Kingham, Capt. Roy Victor, Spec. Lists (Dental Surgeon) : Guy's Hospital* home service
    Kingsbury, Lt. Allan Neave, R.F.A. : B.Sc, City & Guilds College & Middlesex Hospital ? F. July 16 to June 17 (invalid).
    Kingsbury, Lt. Harold, R.G.A. & R.A.F. : Finsbury Technical College ? F. August to September 16 (wounded and invalid).
    Kingsnorth, Lt. Gcorge John, R.E. : East London College* F. February to June 16 (wounded and invalid) and November 16 to January 19.
    Kingston, 2nd Lt. Nugent Arthur, R. War. R. ? F. to March 18.
    Kino, Capt. Joseph Julius, R.F.A. ? F. : M.C. ; mentioned in despatches.
    Kippax, 2nd Lt. Arthur Haddon, E. York. R. ? F. April to July 16.
    Kirby, Maj. Harold Lepine, Tank Corps (Capt. R. Fus.) : King's College ? F. May to June 15 (wounded) and December 16 to August 17 (wounded) and June 18 to March 19 : M.C. ; mentioned in despatches.
    Kirby,  Lt. Norman Stephenson, R.A.S.C. ? invalid
    Kirby, Capt. Paul Rustat Ellis, R.A.M.C. : University College ? India and H.M.H.S. Varsova 16 to 19.
    Kirkland, Lt. Francis Alfred, M.G. Corps. ? F. August 16 to March 18 (prisoner of War) : M.C.
    Kirkpatrick, 2nd Lt. John, R.E.
    Kirton, Surg. Sub.-Lt. Charles Ainger, R.N.V.R. : University College
    Klean, 2nd Lt. Roy Michael Alex, Middlesex R. & R. Fus. : King's College ? F. October 18 to March 19.
    Knapp, Lt. William Henry, R.E. ? F. November 16 to May 19.
    Knapp-Fisher, Capt. Arthur Bedford, London Regiment & R.A.F.
    Knight, Lt. Allan Osborne, Som. L.L : Middlesex Hospital
    Knight, Lt. James Mowat, K.R. Rif. C. : King's College
    Knight, 2nd Lt. Patrick Eugene, R.E. ? F. April 18 to January 19 : mentioned in despatches ; Order of Star of Roumania, Chevalier,
    Knight, Fit. Sub.-Lt. Ronald Victor, R,N,A.S. : Guy's Hosp,* F. May to November 15 (invalid).
    Knight, Maj. Royston Engleheart, R.E. : University College ? F. July 15 to July 18: M.C.
    Knott, Surg. Lt, Frank Alexander, R,N. : M.B., B.S., Royal College of Science & Guy's Hospital
    Knowles, Lt. Eric Harrison, R.G.A. : B.Sc, East London College & Birkbeck College ? home service
    Knowles, Capt. John William, R.A.V.C. : Royal Veterinary College* F. 17 ; Italy December 17 to April 18 ; F. 18 to 19.
    Koenig, 2nd Lt. Francois Xavier, R.E. ? F. August 18 to March 19.
    Krohn, Capt. (A/Maj.) Vere Ronald. R.F.A. : University College ? M.C.
    Kruse, 2nd Lt. Henry Immanuel, R. Sussex R. & M.G. Corps.
    Kup, Lt. Frederick Conrade, R.E. : University College
    Kydd, Capt. Norman Shand, R.F.A. ? F. : mentioned in despatches.
    Kydd, W. S., see Shand- Kydd.
    Kynch, Lt. Gilbert Vivian, R.F.A.
    Kynoch, Capt. Alexander Bruce, R.F.C. : Northampton Polytechnic ? Dardanelles July 15 (wounded and invalid) ; Egypt and Salonika to September 17.