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    London 1918, the Armistice and Gallantry research

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    Gallantry awards & Casualties from WWI 1914 - 1918


    Medals & Casualties index

    I am selecting random people to add research detail.

    Here are  the few selected so far, this will grow.

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    HACK, 2/Lieutenant Walter Pank M.C.

    HADRILL, 2/Lieutenant Cedric Ivor M.C.

    HALL, Capt. Alner Wilson M.C.

    HALL, 2/Lieutenant Lionel Everard M.C.

    HALLIDAY, 2/Lieutenant Clarence Peter M.C.

    HALLIDAY, Lieut. Howard Edwin M.C.

    HALLOWES, 2/Lieutenant Rupert Price, Victoria Cross, Military Cross

    HAMILTON, Capt. Herbert James M.C.

    HANCOCK, Capt. Ernest M.C.

    HARDING, 2/Lieutenant Geoffrey Philip M.C.

    HARDMAN, 2/Lieutenant William Frederick Kerr M.C.

    HARPER, Lieut. Edward Russell M.C.

    HARRISON, Capt. Frank M.C.

    HARRISON, 2/Lieutenant John George M.C.

    HARRISON, 2/Lieutenant Edward Harrison M.C.

    HART, 2/Lieutenant Joseph Aubrey M.C

    HARVEY, 2/Lieutenant Albert, D.S.O. M.C.

    HARVEY, 2/Lieutenant Eric Howard M.C.

    HASSLACHER, 2/Lieutenant Alfred John Emil M.C.

    HAWKSWORTH, 2/Lieutenant Henry Charles Harold M.C.

    HAWORTH, Lieut. Peter D.F.C.

    HAYNES, Lieut. Charles Graham M.C.

    HEDGES, Lieut. Norman Hammett M.C.

    HEMPHILL, Capt. Howard Hislop M.C.

    HENDERSON, 2/Lieutenant Charles Ernest D.S.O.

    HENDERSON, Capt. Ernest James,  D.S.O. M.C.

    HENDERSON, Capt. Kenneth Robert M.C.

    HENEY, 2/Lieutenant John Henry Waldo M.C.

    Henstock Kenneth Parnell, Lieutenant

    HEPBURN, Capt. Allan D.F.C.

    HEWITT, 2/Lieutenant Arthur Edgar M.C.

    HIBBARD, 2/Lieutenant Hamilton Edgar, D.C.M. M.C.

    HIBBERT, Capt. John Geoffrey M.C.

    HICKS, Lieut. George Rensbury D.F.C.

    HICKSON, Capt. Reginald Davies M.C.

    HIDE, Lieut. James Burchell M.C.

    HIGGINSON, Capt. John Victor M.C.

    HIGLETT, Lieut. George Willibert M.C.

    HILL, 2/Lieutenant Arthur Dudley M.C.

    HILL, 2/Lieutenant Charles Vincent M.C.

    HILL, 2/Lieutenant Joseph Shirley M.C.

    HILLYER, Lieut. William Harold M.C.

    HINDMARSH, 2/Lieutenant Clifford M.C.

    HINGLEY, Lt.-Col. Alfred Norman, D.S.O. M.C

    HOAL, 2/Lieutenant Edward Garner M.C.

    HOARE, Capt. Walter John Gerald D.S.O.

    HOBBS, Capt. Wilfred M.C.

    HOBSON, Major Harry Royd D.S.O.

    HOBSON, Lieut. Robert Carl M.C.

    HOCKEY, 2/Lieutenant Alfred Lennon M.C.

    HODGKINS, 2/Lieutenant Albert Edward M.C.

    HOGARTH-SWANN, 2/Lieutenant Arthur Lionel M.C.

    HOLDAWAY, Lieut. Neville Aldridge M.C.

    HOLDSWORTH, 2/Lieutenant Harry M.C.

    HOLGATE, 2/Lieutenant Leonard George M.C.

    HOLLAND, 2/Lieutenant Arthur Leslie M.C.

    HOPLEY, Lieut. William Arnold M.C.

    HOPWOOD, 2/Lieutenant John M.C.

    HORLEY, Lieut. Cyril Rupert M.C.

    HORNE, Capt. Owen Walters M.C.

    HORSLEY, Capt. Oswald M.C.

    HOSKING, 2/Lieutenant James Cecil M.C.

    HOWARD, Capt. George Vivian D.F.C.

    HOWARD, Major Hugh Lloyd M.C.

    HOWCROFT, 2/Lieutenant Stewart Martin M.C.

    HOWE, 2/Lieutenant Vernon Arthur M.C.

    HUDSON, 2/Lieutenant Edward Palmer M.C.

    HUGHES, Capt. Hugh Llewellyn Glyn D.S.O. M.C.

    HUGHESDON, Capt. Reginald Howard M.C.

    HUNT, Capt. Archibald Henry M.C.

    HURNDALL, Lieut. Charles Frederic M.C.

    HYAMS, 2/Lieutenant Henry David M.C.