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    London 1918, the Armistice and Gallantry research

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    Seventh Manchesters July 1916 to March 1919





    Fawcus, Major (Acting  Lieutenant-Colonel) A. E. F. Distinguished Service Order. Military Cross. Legion d'honneur. Mentioned in Dispatches, Gallipoli (twice) & France, June, 1918.
    Manger, Major (temp.  Lieutenant-Colonel) E. V. Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel. C.M.G.
    Hodge, Lieutenant (Acting Lieutenant-Colonel) A. Distinguished Service Order. Military Cross. Mentioned in Dispatches.
    Canning, Lieutenant-Col. A. (Attached) Order of St. Michael and St. George (3rd Class or Companion). Mentioned in Dispatches.
    Cronshaw, Major (Acting  Lieutenant-Colonel) A. E. Distinguished Service Order. Royal Serbian Order of the White Eagle. Mentioned in Dispatches, France, 7.11.17.
    Carr, (Acting  Lieutenant-Colonel) H. A. Distinguished Service Order. Mentioned in Dispatches,
    Brown, Major J. N. Brevet Majority, 3.6.15. Distinguished Service Order. Royal Serbian Order of the White Eagle (4th Class). Japanese Sacred Treasure (3rd Class). Mentioned in Dispatches, 16.3.16, E.E.F. 25.9.16, E.E.F. 16.1.18, E.E.F.
    Burn, (Acting Major) F. G. Military Cross. Mentioned in Dispatches, France, 6.7.17, and Egypt, Dec. 1917.
    Creagh, Major P. H. Distinguished Service Order. Mentioned in Dispatches, 26.8.15, E.E.F. 11.12.15, E.E.F.
    Scott, Major & Quartermaster J., Distinguished Conduct Medal. Order of the British Empire. Mentioned in Dispatches, Gallipoli, E.E.F., 10.4.16.
    Rae, Major G. B. L. Distinguished Service Order. Mentioned in Dispatches.
    Staveacre, Major J. H. Mentioned in Dispatches, 26.8.15.(_Killed in Action_).
    Creagh, Captain (Acting Major) J. R. Mentioned in Dispatches, 7.11.17, 18.11.18.
    Chadwick, Captain G. Royal Serbian Order of the White Eagle (4th Class).
    Hayes, Captain F. Military Cross. Mentioned in Dispatches, July, 1916; July, 1917.
    Nasmith, Captain G. W. Order of the British Empire. Mentioned in Dispatches.
    Thorpe, Captain J. H. Order of the British Empire. Mentioned in Dispatches.
    Whitley, Captain (Act. Lt.-Col.) N. H. P. Military Cross. Croix de Guerre, France. Crown of Italy. Mentioned in Dispatches, Gallipoli, E.E.F.
    Farrow, Captain J., R.A.M.C. Military Cross.
    Nidd, Captain H. H. Military Cross, (_Died_).
    Williamson, Captain C. H. Military Cross. (_Killed in Action_).
    Baker, Lieutenant (Acting Captain) J. Military Cross.
    Collier, Captain H. Mentioned in Dispatches.
    Kirby, Captain E. T. (C.F.) Military Cross.
    Hoskyns, Captain E. C. (C.F.) Military Cross.
    Norbury, Captain C. Mentioned in Dispatches, 24.5.18.
    Norbury, Captain M. Mentioned in Dispatches, 16.1.18.
    Branthwaite, Captain R. H. Mentioned in Dispatches, 7.11.17.
    Douglas, Lieutenant C. B. Military Cross.
    Edge, Lieutenant N. Military Cross.
    Goodall, Lieutenant J. C. Military Cross.
    Goodier, 2nd/Lieutenant A. Awarded Commission in the Field. Military Cross.
    Gresty, Lieutenant W. Military Cross and Bar.
    Harris, Lieutenant L. G. Military Cross.
    Siddall, 2nd/Lieutenant J. R. Military Cross.
    Wilson, Lieutenant (Acting Captain), S. J. Military Cross. Mentioned in Dispatches, 8.11.18.
    Franklin, Lieutenant H. C. Military Cross. Mentioned in Dispatches, 10.4.16.
    Allen, Captain C. R Military Cross. (_Killed in Action_).
    Bagshaw, Lieutenant K Military Cross.
    Welch, Lieutenant (King's Own) Distinguished Service Order. Mentioned in Dispatches.
    Gorst, 2nd/Lieutenant H. Military Cross.
    Milne, 2nd/Lieutenant J. H. Military Cross. Mentioned in Dispatches.
    Harland, 2nd/Lieutenant J. A. Military Cross.
    Thrutchley, 2nd/Lieutenant F. D Military Cross.
    Woodworth, Lieutenant F. T. K. Mentioned in Dispatches, 8.11.18.
    Thorp, Lieutenant W. T. Mentioned in Dispatches, 24.5.18. (_Killed in Action_).


    276236 Aldred, Sergeant J. Military Medal
    1070 Anlezark, R.S.M. W. Meritorious Service Medal
    275726 Bailey, Private S. Military Medal
    275782 Banahan, Sergeant J. Military Medal
    275021 Bamber, Sergeant F. Distinguished Conduct Medal. Meritorious Service Medal
    275039 Booker, Lance Corporal F. W. Military Medal
    276702 Botham, Private W. E. Military Medal
    275889 Bowman, Private J. Military Medal
    276845 Boydell, Private J. Military Medal
    276327 Bradshaw, Private W. Military Medal
    276418 Braithwaite, Private T. Military Medal
    276264 Broughton, Corporal A. Military Medal
    280 Calow, Sergeant Mentioned in Dispatches.
    275125 Clavering, Sergeant H. Meritorious Service Medal
    275103 Clough, R.Q.M.S. S. Croix de Guerre (Belgian).
    276047 Collinge, Private H. Military Medal
    1536 Connelly, Private J. Mentioned in Dispatches
    275724 Conry, Private R. E. Military Medal
    276151 Craven, Lance Corporal A. Military Medal
    303461 Daley, Sergeant W. Military Medal
    51167 Davies, Private W. T. Military Medal
    276842 Dearden, Private R. Military Medal
    275141 Downs, Private A. Military Medal
    300991 Eastwood, Corporal W. Military Medal
    276856 Edwards, Private R. Military Medal
    275173 Fidler, Sergeant W. Military Medal
    105 Fielding, Sergeant W. Mentioned in Dispatches
    275161 Fleetwood, Sergeant A. Distinguished Conduct Medal.
    1904 Franks, Lance Corporal J. Mentioned in Dispatches.
    275201 Gammond, A/Sergeant T. A. Military Medal
    375395 Green, Sergeant J. W. Distinguished Conduct Medal. Military Medal (_Killed in Action._)
    277007 Greer, Private A. Military Medal and Bar.
    276028 Gregory, Corporal B. Military Medal
    276254 Goffey, Sergeant W. Military Medal
    275218 Hadfield, Sergeant A. Military Medal
    57548 Halfhide, Private C. Military Medal
    295015 Hand, Sergeant A. Distinguished Conduct Medal.
    5211 Hartnett, R.S.M. N. (_Died of Wounds._) Mentioned in Dispatches.
    276486 Hayhurst, Private Military Medal
    42732 Heasman, Lance Corporal A. Distinguished Conduct Medal.
    275524 Heath, Sergeant F. (_Died of Wounds._) Military Medal and Bar.
    275256 Holbrook, Sergeant J. Distinguished Conduct Medal.
    550239 Horsfield, Sergeant Distinguished Conduct Medal. Military Medal Croix de Guerre (Belgian).
    276171 Hyde, Lance Corporal L. Military Medal
    276424 Jackson, Lance Corporal E. (_Died of Wounds._) Military Medal
    276973 Jennions, Private H. Military Medal
    376666 Jolley, Sergeant J. Military Medal
    275281 Joyce, C.S.M. Military Medal Gold Medal of St. George of Russia (2nd Class).
    276640 King, Corporal A. W. Distinguished Conduct Medal.
    276648 Latham, Private H. Military Medal
    275319 Lockett, Corporal S. (_Died of Wounds._) Distinguished Conduct Medal.
    276719 Lyons, Private C. Military Medal
    276482 Lynn, Sergeant H. Military Medal
    275326 Lievesley, Sergeant J. L. Military Medal
    275705 Macguire, Corporal A. Military Medal
    275822 Mather, Sergeant Distinguished Conduct Medal.
    2409 McCartney, Lance Corporal H. S. (_Killed in Action._) Mentioned in Dispatches.
    275935 McClean, Private T. Military Medal
    275355 McHugh, C.S.M. Distinguished Conduct Medal. Military Medal and Bar.
    400535 Moore, Private T. C. Military Medal
    276020 Morris, Lance Corporal G. Military Medal
    40 Mort, L/Sergeant W. Distinguished Conduct Medal.
    275365 Mottram, L/Sergeant G. Military Medal
    275704 Mullin, Private C. Military Medal
    275397 Ogden, R.Q.M.S. Meritorious Service Medal Mentioned in Dispatches.
    275426 Parker, Sergeant G. Military Medal
    40849 Parkin, Private I. Military Medal
    12782 Pickering, Private W. Military Medal
    276932 Quinn, Private J. Distinguished Conduct Medal.
    49738 Reeves, Private E. Military Medal
    2263 Richardson, Private M. Distinguished Conduct Medal.
    276535 Riley, Private J. G. Military Medal
    275468 Riley, Sergeant R. Military Medal (_Killed in Action._)
    48576 Rotham, Private J. Military Medal
    37647 Rourke, Private A. Military Medal
    275509 Sanderson, Private G. Military Medal
    57229 Shaughnessy, Private W. Military Medal
    275495 Shields, C.S.M. J. Meritorious Service Medal Mentioned in Dispatches.
    275513 Snadham, Corporal J. Mentioned in Dispatches.
    376453 Standring, Corporal W. Military Medal
    233 Stanton, Sergeant J. Mentioned in Dispatches.
    57216 Stubbard, Private R. Military Medal
    275571 Tabbron, C.S.M. Distinguished Conduct Medal.
    276540 Thorpe, Sergeant H. Military Medal
    303634 Titchener, Private E. Military Medal
    275883 Titterington, L/Sergeant H. L. Military Medal
    277020 Twist, Lance Corporal T. Military Medal and Bar.
    275590 Walsh, Private J. Military Medal
    275604 Walton, Private F. G. Military Medal
    275646 Warrington, Private W. Military Medal
    277635 Wisken, Private A. Military Medal (_Died of Wounds._)
    275627 White, Corporal F. Distinguished Conduct Medal. Mentioned in Dispatches.
    275632 Wilkinson, Private H. Military Medal
    51624 Wilkinson, Private J. Military Medal
    275952 Wilmer, Private R. Military Medal
    295025 Wood, Corporal T. Distinguished Conduct Medal.